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Content strategy and copywriting are much more than words on a page. A good copywriter will bring you more customers. A great copywriter does so much more because great copywriters for small businesses are part salesman and part psychologist. At Fisher, McLean & Co we have both: one of the best content strategists in Melbourne as well as a much-sought after copywriter ready to work on your project. We work in partnership with our clients and as a result many become friends because to help them grow their business.

content strategy & copywriting services

Website Copywriting

Your website must perform as a conversion funnel to convert browsers into buyers. Think of it like an always-on digital salesman. If your site isn’t optimised for conversion you’re losing money.

Content Strategy

Content marketing is central to business success in todays socially connected world. We’ll build a content strategy that will fit into your business & achieve your goals without extra work for you.

Email Marketing

A new customer can cost you up to five times more than repeat business from your existing customers. Email campaigns improve your profit margins using time-proven techniques to get measurable results. Be smart with your marketing money.

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What else do we provide?

As well as full content strategy, copywriting and SEO services we offer these services. Often clients consult to ask us to create blog posts as well as email and printed marketing campaigns to ensure the tone of voice and conversion rates remain high.

  • Printed brochures
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Editorial schedules
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Content Strategy
Copywriting for Conversion
Email Marketing
SEO Copywriting

Content Strategy: engineered business growth. Guaranteed.

Why do our content strategy processes get the best results? Let's call it business therapy. We listen to you. Then we dig deep to find that one special thing that sets you apart from the rest because we think differently.

When everyone else just asks you 'how do I do that' we ask 'why'. A well-designed content strategy will help you position your business not just to get more customers but to get the best customers at the best time.The difference might not seem that much but it's the difference between good and great. It's the secret of success.

Working with you and your staff we set you up for success because first of all we will draw up the content strategy road map and create the copywriting signposts. Then we walk with you at the start but soon enough you'll be a master of your own content marketing, and as a result save cash in the process. Or we can do it all for you - it's your call.

Using our content strategies an copywriting expertise we help you be the business you want to be - not the business you have to be.

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We are here to help you

Think of us as your marketing department

We'll support your business growth and help you identify the best channels to get your message out for the best return. Creative copywriting is a small part of our business. More importantly we help you understand how to best position your business online.

We create data-based content strategies and conversion optimised SEO copywriting that deliver demonstrable results for our clients.

When Reactive asked us to write their web copy for their client's site we didn't flinch. Partnering with Reactive, one of the largest digital ad agencies in Melbourne, we provided copy on their project that won the ANZ 2015 Sitecore Award for Best Use of Mobile and achieved the goal of making superannuation interesting.

"If we can make superannuation engaging, we can make anything engaging!"

what our clients say

“Iain has one of my favourite qualities, he asks great questions! For that alone I would have to recommend him, but he also brings good ideas to the table in helping meet customers’ expectations.”

Michel Hogan Michel Hogan - Independent Brand Analyst

“Iain has now worked with us on a couple of projects, both in small and large teams. Both pieces of work were received extremely well and most importantly performed well in the market place”

Reactive Travis Brett - Operations Manager

“It’s like they say; if you’re not on page one in Google then you don’t exist.
How right they are. And do you know what? Well we are and we do.”

Aberdeen Trading Ian Aberdeen - CEO

“Working with you is great. Every time we meet we learn something new.
We really like everything that you’ve done for us.”

Toorallie Simon Smith - Managing Director